Motivation consulting for individuals clients

People are a mine of opportunities

This of course holds true for you. How clear is your future vision at this moment in your life? What if you could make the right step forward? Amid calls for ‘positive thinking’, our consultation focuses on ‘Motivation’. We strive to support individuals who are looking for a breakthrough into their future, a sense of fulfillment in their jobs, and the joy to be alive. Our mission is to tie up your motivation with your future.

Motivation consulting for you

We all live in a society world. Have you ever felt frustrated being torn between your desires and the reality? Have you ever felt like this life has not turned out to be the way you portrayed it?

What if that 1 page in history is causing you to put a brake on yourself, blocking your future path and creating unnecessary limits?

‘Motivation Consulting for you’ is for every individual in this society. With over 20 years of professional career experience, Yuri Kawaguchi / Motivation Designer® is devoted to support you through this consultation program. Let us help you sparkle up your life.